Testimonials from Food Link's Recipient Agencies

“Despite the perception of Arlington as an increasingly affluent community, the truth is that the high cost of living in the Greater Boston area means that many residents – especially families and seniors – have limited resources for fresh food. Thanks to Food Link, residents of Arlington and other towns have increased access to healthful and nutritious foods. The fact that this rescued food might otherwise find its way to a landfill or incinerator creates a tangible environmental benefit. Supporters of Food Link should feel confident that they are addressing two very important issues: both food insecurity and sustainability.”

- Adam Chapdelaine, Arlington Town Manager

Children's Programs


“It gives us the ability to provide more healthy choices to our members, which promotes positive attitudes and better behaviors overall.”

- Gina Duddy, Arlington Boys and Girls Club


“Food Link provides our kids with fresh fruit during the school day. It's a hugely important part of what we offer and so appreciate the work.”

- Lauren Ledger, Arlington EATS


“Working with Food Link has been the biggest, most positive change at the club in the last few years.”

- Kevin Flood, Arlington Boys and Girls Club


“Food Link does a great job enhancing Fidelity House's youth programs during the year. Without this program our children would not have as many options for snacks and lunches especially some children who are lacking resources at home.”

- Jack Woods, Fidelity House

Senior Programs


“Many residents who are unable to leave the building can rely on these service deliveries. It also impacts residents that receive their fixed income late in the month by providing assurance of available food.”

- Jennifer McNabb, Arlington Housing Authority


“Food Link’s support is a really good thing for us – we have guys here who have been living in their cars, some 70 years old, and they are so thankful for the fresh food.”

- Anthony Joseph, Massachusetts Bay Veterans Center


“Our clients' lives would be less fulfilled and more stressful if we did not receive food from Food Link because they are unable to provide both the quantity and quality of this type of food for themselves.”

- Suzanne Lentine, Medford Council on Aging


“In the short amount of time that Food Link has been around the impact has been amazing. The energy is great.”

- Susan Carp, Arlington Council on Aging

Programs for Low Income Families


“Through Food Link, we are able to offer more nutritious food choices, such as dairy, eggs, meat, and produce.”

- Andi Doane, Arlington Food Pantry


“Some of the moms don’t know about finances or how to make a budget. Even if they have SNAP, they use their out of pocket money. Food is expensive. That is why the food from Food Link is so important.”  

- Yvette Fernandez, Medford Family Life Education Center


“These food deliveries have greatly increased the quality of food that is available for our kids and parents. We’re now able to give them things such as strawberries, tomatoes, high quality bagels and bread, and other vegetables and fruits that we weren’t able to offer before. We can now offer our clients more food as well! It’s been incredibly rewarding to be able to give our clients high quality, healthy foods that we know they enjoy. Our clients are excited about it too!  The deliveries have also saved us time and money, since we do not have to buy as much food or spend as much time shopping. It’s incredible!”  

- Rebecca Newman, Housing Families Inc.


“Dinner last night was almost free, thanks to Food Link. I continue to be delighted and amazed at how excellent, nutritious food can be donated, schlepped, and distributed so that organizations such as LexEat can provide a healthy meal once a week to those in need. I dare say that LexEat would not be able to provide meals without Food Link. Without Food Link, our costs would be prohibitive, and fundraising would become a full-time job. I am so thrilled that we can provide healthy, fresh food to our guests…and we absolutely could not do it without FoodLink.”

- Robin Tartaglia, Lex Eat Together

Programs for Students and Young Adults


“Food Link helps provide nutritious food selections that we ordinarily would not be able to provide for or buy for our young adults as our budget is very limited.”

- Ray Thomas, Eliot Community Human Services/Young Adult Vocational Program


“This is a remarkable partnership which is giving vital resources to students to be successful in the in the classroom. We love seeing the way the students engage with people over food. They don’t even know each other and they are sitting down at a family table and breaking bread together.”

- Kristine Larkin, Bunker Hill Community College, Single Stop Program


“You all run such a wonderful program that does so much for so many, and I think one of the less obvious but perhaps one of the most valuable things Food Link does is connect and strengthen our community!”

- Lindsay Meredith, STEPS Young Adult Resource Center


“Food Link is amazing! I am hopeful that this program will be duplicated in other towns and cities. A student came up to me in the hallway one day and thanked me for providing bread and bagels. She stated that her son is actually happy each morning because she brings the bagels home to him and each morning he is able to start the day with something other than sugary cereal. "He is just so happy. Thank you.” I pass along this "Thank you" to all of you who continue to help our students. This is a fabulous program that reaches out to so many, many individuals and families.”

- Kathleen O’Neill, Bunker Hill Community College, Single Stop Program


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