Food Link's Beginnings


Food Link is a volunteer-based food rescue organization that was started by Arlington residents DeAnne Dupont and Julie Kremer in March of 2012. Initially called the Food Recovery Project, Food Link began as DeAnne and Julie volunteered their time and personal vehicles to recover excess fresh foods from Panera Bread and Trader Joe’s after they learned that the unsold food was being thrown away every night. With plenty of food recovered and nowhere to put it, they began calling local social service organizations that might be able to distribute it to residents in need.

In September of 2014, the name was changed to Food Link as it was realized that food recovery was only one part of the puzzle - volunteers had to link food with the people who could use it. Food Link became a registered 501(c)(3).


In the fall of 2015, Food Link acquired enough funding to hire its first staff position, Operations Director. 


Today, Food Link has three five staff members. Food Link currently partners with over 20 grocers, cafes, and farmers to provide fresh food to more than 40 recipient agencies throughout the community, delivering 1,500 pounds of nutritious food each day.


Food Link, Inc.     781 819 4225

Operations Address:  17 Irving Street, Arlington, MA 02476

Mailing Address (for donations): 17 Brattle Street, Suite 17 Arlington, MA 02476

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